Past Exhibits


In Sight

June – July 2017

'In Sight' is a group exhibition of new work by Greenville based artists Dorothy Shain, Kiah Bellows and Glory Day Loflin. After participating in a class at Penland taught by Alice Ballard last fall, they brought that educational experience back to Greenville to share with their community: Dorothy through collage, Kiah through painting, and Glory through outdoor drawing.




APRIL – MAY 2017

Contemporary jewelry challenges the notion of what is wearable, pushing the boundaries between the wearable and the sculptural.  The twenty-three artists included in the Wearable Art exhibition consider the history of adornment and how established norms can be broken or rewritten. 






17 contemporary ceramic artists from the Southeast (Alice Ballard, William Baker, Daniel Bare, Sharon Campbell, Bob Chance, Diana Farfan, Darin Gehrke, Glenda Guión, Leslie Hinton, Betsy Kaemmerlen, Jay Owens, Elaine Quave, Mike Vatalaro, Frank Vickery, Mallory Wetherell, David Zacharias, and Valerie Zimany) highlight the conceptual and formal range of possibilities with the elemental medium of clay.


10"x10"=100 ChallengE

December 2016 – January 2017

100 local artists created original 10"x10" pieces.


Greenville County Art Teachers Show

October 2016 

Meet your child's art teacher in the Greenville County K-12 Visual Art Teachers Show! All visual art teachers from Greenville County have been invited to exhibit their work in the GCCA Gallery.


GCCA Member Show and Brandon Fellows Exhibition

August – September 2016

GCCA Members share their talent in our first annual Member Show. The show is an excellent opportunity for the community to see the breadth and depth of work being created in and around Greenville.


Telling Her Story

June – July 2016

Each of the eleven artists shares her feminine perspective in this show entitled "Telling Her Story." The show includes the works of Alice Ballard, Mandy Blankenship, Camela Guevara, Louisa Pyle Kirk, Michele Maynard, Naomi Nakazato, Emily Neal, Michelle Berg Radford, Valerie Zimany, April Harrison, and Suzanne Zoole. Daydreams, identity, motherhood, cultural stereotypes, nature, and technology are some of the themes interpreted in the artwork. 


Kindred Spirits

April – May 2016

Artists in the show: Jay Zerbe of Indiana, Galen Cheney of Vermont, Matthew Dibble of Ohio, Margaret Glew from Canada, Steven Aimone of North Carolina, as well as Katherine Aimone. The premise of this vibrant and bold exhibition of abstract painting is to illustrate that the movement of Abstract Expressionism in New York, which began in the 1940s and lasted into the 50s is still very alive today.



CARNIVAL: A celebration of artistic revelry

February – March 2016 

Celebrating artistic revelry with artwork from over 40 artists with additional work presented by Palmetto Luna Arts fostering Latino Arts & Culture.


December 2015 – January 2016 /  Unseen Greenville

"Unseen Greenville" is a juried exhibition focusing on the people and places in Greenville County that often go unnoticed. While Greenville continues to grow and prosper, we often lose sight of the wealth of experiences, places and diversity found below the service. This exhibition will focus on those parts of Greenville which are often unnoticed, but are a vital part of what has made Greenville an amazing place to be.


October – November 2015 /  Making Faces: 11 Artists Interpret the Portrait

Cassia Abbott, Allison Anne Brown, Anthony Conway, Kevin Isgett, Polly Galliard, Dabney Mahanes, Glen Miller, JJ Ohlinger, Adam Schrimmer, Tim Speaker and Eli Warren

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