Kids & Teens Class and Workshop Descriptions


Class Registration:  Please register at least one week in advance of the class start date. Classes with low enrollment will be closed 3 - 5 business days before the first class.  

Cancellation Policy: A refund is given to students who cancel 10 days or more prior to the class start date.  Students who cancel enrollment within 10 days of the first class will not receive a refund.  

If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, registrants will be notified by email or phone within 24 – 48 hours of the first class. Registrants will be given the opportunity to transfer to another class or issued a refund.

If you have any questions, please call 864-735-3948 or email

David Bernardy, Illustration: The Sequential Narrative

David Bernardy, Illustration: The Sequential Narrative

Illustration:  The Sequential Narrative

Instructor:  David Bernardy

6 week class starting Tuesday, April 26

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Level of Instruction:  Beginner - Advanced

Class/Workshop Fee:  $190 / $170 members

(Open to young adults & adults 12+) Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Comic Strips, and Film Storyboards—all these are “sequential narrative art.”  This class will explore the demands and similarities of these forms, creating original characters and developing original stories. This class will offer the basics of character development, storyboarding, cinematic layouts and visual pacing. By the end of class, students should have a rough draft of a Picture Book –called a dummy book—or a scene from a comic book. Instructor will provide a supply list.


Jewelry for Kids (Ages 7 – 12)

Instructor:  Kate Furman

1 Day Workshop / Saturday, April 8

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Level of Instruction:  Kids 7 -12

Workshop Fee:  $75 (price includes supplies)

In this one-day workshop kids (ages 7 -12) will combine sculpture with design and innovation to create wearable art.  Using pipe cleaners to “draw”, combined with found objects, beads, and glue, students will fully engage in the design process and will leave with a unique piece of sculptural jewelry.  All materials included in class fee.

Kate Furman, Metal Pendants for Teens

Kate Furman, Metal Pendants for Teens

JEWELRY:  Metal Pendants for Teens (Ages 13 – 18)

Instructor:  Kate Furman

1 Day Workshop / Saturday, April 22

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Level of Instruction:  Teens 13 -18

Workshop Fee:  $85 (price includes supplies)

This workshop is for the teenager who wants to see what jewelry making is all about. Start with your own unique design, transfer your image to a metal sheet, learn to use a jeweler’s tools to cut out and polish the surface of your piece, and leave with a metal pendant or two that you designed and created.  All materials included in class fee.

Tim Davis, Hidden Pictures

Tim Davis, Hidden Pictures

Drawing:  Hidden Picture Workshop

Instructor:  Tim Davis

1 Day Workshop / Saturday, April 22

10:00 am - Noon

Level of Instruction: Open to Kids & Adults

Class/Workshop Fee:  $45 for adult / kids can attend for free with adult registrant (price includes supplies) 

Kids ages 8 - 12 are welcome to attend with an adult, anyone 12+ also welcome.  Kids can attend for free with adult registrant.  Join Highlights illustrator Tim Davis as he recounts his unlikely journey creating more hidden pictures than anyone else in the history of the world's most popular children's magazine.  Learn tips and tricks to create your very own Hidden Picture.

Cecilia Ho, Felting for Kids

Cecilia Ho, Felting for Kids

Fiber:  Creative Felting for Kids (Ages 7 - 14)

Instructor:  Cecilia Ho

6 Week Class starting Friday, April 28

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Level of Instruction: Kids 7 -14

Class/Workshop Fee:   $205 (price includes supplies)/ $185 Members

Felting expert Cecilia Ho will introduce the basic of wet felting and 2D/3D needle felting techniques. Felting is the process of turning wool fibers into seamless piece of non-woven felt fabric. The felted results can be a colorful wool painting, or a solid wool sculpture. Creative felt making will develop visual, tactile & fine motor skills. Throughout the 6-week class, students will create multiple decorative and functional projects. All materials included.


FIBER:  Felted Animals for Kids (Ages 7 – 14)

Instructor:  Cecilia Ho

1 Day Workshop / Saturday, March 25

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Level of Instruction:  Kids 7 -12

Workshop Fee:  $35 (Price Includes felting supplies)

Wet felting expert Cecilia Ho will introduce the basics of 2D needle felting while guiding kids to create an animal badge, pin, bookmark or magnet.  A few simple techniques produce beautiful results.  This 2-hour workshop would make a memorable party or playdate for your 7 - 14 year old aspiring artist.  All materials included.