Summer Workshop Descriptions

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*Please note:  Workshop descriptions are listed alphabetically by medium category.

William Jameson, Exploring Light

William Jameson, Exploring Light


Exploring Light

Instructor:  William Jameson

3 Day Workshop / August 17, 18 & 19

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Level of Instruction:  Intermediate - Advanced

Class/Workshop Fee:  $285

Investigate the aspects of light in paintings:  In painting from life, photographic reference or invention, painters need to know and be consistent throughout the painting with these questions:  What is the source of your light?  What direction is the light coming from?  What type of light is it?  Is it warm or cool? Flat or glowing?  What color is the source of the light?  Is it strong and creating dramatic shadows or is it flat creating even tone throughout the image in the reference?   Also learn to study and identify shadows:  Are they cast or form?  Can you see reflected light within the shadows?  All of these things are necessary in achieving the illusion of depth in painting and will be the primary topics of discussion and exploration in painting during this workshop.



Oil Paint: History, Materials, and Best Practices

Instructors:  Sarah Sands (Senior Technical Specialist / GOLDEN Acrylics & Williamsburg Handmade Oils) & Phil Garrett (GOLDEN Working Artist)

Lecture & Hands-On Exploration / Tuesday, August 15

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Level of Instruction:  Beginner - Advanced

Class/Workshop Fee:  $10 (GCCA Booking Fee)

Lead by Sarah Sands, Senior Technical Specialist for both GOLDEN Acrylics and Williamsburg Handmade Oils and Phillip Garrett, GOLDEN Working Artist, this two-hour intensive investigates what goes into the making of oil paint, and how these things inform best practices and shape the feel and look of the paint we use.  In the first hour a wide ranging discussion will include the nature of pigments and oils, as well as a look at the choices we have for sizes and grounds.  The second hour will allow for hands-on exploration of the different qualities an oil paint can have.  Williamsburg Handmade oils will be used for the demo but discussion is applicable to any oil paint one might use. 

Phil Garrett, Oil Painting Plain and Simple

Phil Garrett, Oil Painting Plain and Simple


Oil Painting Plain and Simple

Instructor:  Phillip Garrett

2 Day Workshop / Saturday, August 26 & Sunday, August 27

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Level of Instruction: Beginner - Advanced

Class/Workshop Fee:  $225 (price includes all Golden paints and mediums)

An introduction to a practical and safe approach to painting with oils, this 2-day workshop will cover a simple palette of colors that will meet most of your color mixing needs in an economical and practical way.  Learn to simplify the concept of the color wheel and evaluate the difference between mineral and modern pigments and the kind of painting situations and reasons for choosing one type of pigment over the other.  Class will also discuss the best supports for modern painting and the best way to seal, prime and prepare surfaces for painting. We will do all this without using mineral spirits, turpentine, or any volatile solvent to modify our paint or to clean brushes and tools and most importantly our hands and skin.