2017 Brandon Fellows


Brandon Seabrook Nelson is a graduate of North Greenville University, where he majored in Studio Arts/Drawing, with a minor in Youth Ministry.  He is also a passionate barista and coffee connoisseur. Brandon creates art because dialogue starts between the artist and the viewer. His influences are varied: Hip-Hop, street art, comic book art, anime, song lyrics, Justin Bua, the Bible, and current events. Brandon welcomes the Brandon Fellowship and mentorship as an opportunity to be reviewed and critiqued and sharpened into becoming a skilled artist. He sees the developing artist as the canvas that will allow viewers to ask questions about life, the world, perspectives, etc. Brandon wants to share his passion with younger people by pursuing an MFA and becoming an art teacher. 

Mentor: Nathan Bertling


Dorothy Shain is a graduate of the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where she majored in Studio Art and Painting, and minored in Human Rights. Two years after graduation, Dorothy left her day job to pursue her art full time at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina. It has been a challenging adventure that she wishes to pursue in her hometown of Greenville. She has supported herself by running and operating a small business based on the sale of her art. The Brandon Fellowship will provide her studio space and a mentor, important stepping stones towards reaching her goal of making a sustainable life as an artist. With a background in human rights, Dorothy is always interested in intertwining her art with a cause and finding a way to give back. She has supported organizations such as Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston and Equality Florida’s Pulse Victim Fund. Dorothy looks forward to sharing her art and experience with the other Brandon Fellows and with the Greenville community.

Mentor: Kent Ambler



Ashley Waller is a summa cum laude graduate of Anderson University, where she majored in Painting and Drawing with a double minor in Art History and Creative Writing. She believes, as Cesar Chavez did, that “Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and our own.” Ashley grew up in Eastern Africa where community is an extremely vital part of the local culture, where people depend on their neighbors in a plethora of ways, and as a result, are able to grow together as a tightly knit community of diverse individuals. This experience shaped her vision and she is eager to help foster the Brandon Fellowship’s strong sense of community. She is looking forward to a studio space at GCCA that will allow her to paint on a large scale well suited to her preferred subject matter and style. Ashley’s longer term goal is to earn an MFA in order to teach art at the college level and instill a love of art and learning in younger generations.

Mentor: Michael Marks