2017 - 2018 Brandon Fellows

Charis, Olivia, and Megan                           Photo by  Jon Stegenga

Charis, Olivia, and Megan                           Photo by Jon Stegenga


Charis Jackson Barrios

Charis is a graduate of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities and The Cooper Union in New York City. Her artwork focuses on illustration, sequential art, and graphic design, and revolves around friendships, self-love, and the nuances of interacting with others. Charis has been a strong presence in the Greenville Arts scene and is also building an impressive online following. She has been influenced by friends who have previously been a part of the Brandon Fellowship and she sees that it is a program that works to truly foster creativity, connectivity, and community, all of which are ideals that she truly values.

Charis' Brandon Fellowship mentor is Hallie Bertling

Megan Hueble

Megan is a graduate of the Greenville Fine Arts Center and Clemson University. She has interned in various museums, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Mint Museum in Charlotte. Experimentation is a big part of her art practice. Shie is inspired by Della Robbia ceramics, Madonna and female saint iconography, floral symbolism and self-portraiture. While her approach is historically inspired, deeply personal, and often philosophical, she is also striving to be relatable and inclusive. With a career goal of art education, she wishes to use the Brandon Fellowship as a way of engaging with arts students in Greenville.

Megan's Brandon Fellowship mentor is Marty Epp-Carter

Olivia perreault

Olivia is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University’s Division of Art + Design, with a focus of illustration. Olivia’s future career goal is to derive her entire income from working as an artist, and she understands the importance of being an active participant in the arts community to achieve this. She has already built an impressive body of work and she looks forward to forging relationships and sharing her talent. Her dream outcome of participating in the Brandon Fellowship is to feel a sense of belonging to the Greenville community.

Olivia's Brandon Fellowship mentor is Joseph Bradley