2018 - 2019 Brandon Fellows

Elliot Lovegrove, Angel Jenkins, and Brittany Kelly
Photo by Jeremy Tufts



Angel is a graduate of Converse College with a BFA in Studio Art and minors in Arts Management and Art History. Art was used as a therapeutic outlet for Angel when she gained insecurities from body shaming during high school. While at Converse College, she began speaking about societal views and conditioned behaviors towards the physical appearance of women. Angel will continue developing these topics in her artwork during the Brandon Fellowship.

Angel's mentors are Alice Ballard and Fleming Markel



Brittany Kelly is a graduate of Winthrop University's Department of Design, with a focus in Illustration. She is a daydreamer and a storyteller; a collector of tales and a hoarder of ideas. The only thing she loves more than books is breathing new life into stories through illustration and design. She hopes that her time in the Brandon Fellowship will allow her to gain a foothold in Greenville's art community and forge lasting relationships with local and like-minded creatives in the process.

Brittany's mentor is Paul Yanko



Elliot Lovegrove is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and a graduate of the Art and Design program at Bob Jones University. Although he’s lived in the same town his entire life, Elliot’s imagination and vision have been fueled by several opportunities to travel abroad. Embracing exploration is a significant theme in his work. With a background in graphic design as well as in music, Elliot loves to explore this intersection and combination of various art forms. He also loves thinking, writing, and talking about art and has led community center and summer school classes. Elliot plans to pursue further education next year and ultimately wants to keep traveling, loving, serving, and creating.

Elliot's mentor is Mark Brosseau