2019 - 2020 Brandon Fellows

Nick Burns, Julius Ferguson, Jaz Henderson



Nick Burns is an up-and-coming visual artist and a Greenville, South Carolina native. He began his artistic journey as a performing artist at age 5 and has been teaching dance in the upstate for 13 years. In high school he started out as a street artist, drawing caricatures and custom graffiti art at farmers markets and city events. After years of training in graffiti he began creating murals for homes, businesses and communities and now has over 40 commissioned works in South Carolina. Nick is now as a visual arts educator at West Greenville school and plans to increase in artistic abilities to better serve the community and help make visual arts more attainable to less fortunate people.



Julius Ferguson is a self taught artist from Greenville, SC. He’s not only a painter, but also a storyteller who hopes to inspire others. Julius takes his life experiences and messages that he feels come from god, and puts them in his paintings. Julius has been painting since 2015 and hopes to be able to for as long as his energy is needed in this world. He hopes that he can inspire the community and the world one day with his paintings that tell stories.



Jaz is an native of Greer, South Carolina and a graduate of Claflin University where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Digital Design. His dad is an artist as well, so it can be said that art runs in the family and has therefor played a major part in his life. Jaz has always dreamed about being more involved in the arts around his city and of meeting other artists as well. When he found out that he was selected into the Brandon Fellowship, he knew this was a great opportunity for him to showcase his artwork and continue his career as an artist.