Art School Gift Vouchers

purchase a class or workshop gift voucher

How It Works: 

  • Click on the 'Purchase Voucher' button below. 

  • Option 1:  Select a gift voucher for a given amount, which can be used for any future booking.

  • Option 2: Purchase a gift voucher for a specific class and number of people. The recipient will only need to pick a date and time, and will never see the price.

  • After processing payment you will receive a Gift Voucher that can be printed out to be given to the gift recipient OR contact us for a GCCA Gift Certificate.


Redeem your gift voucher

How It Works:
1.  Visit the web address on the Gift Voucher you received.  
2.  Select the Class/Workshop date and time option of your choosing.
3.  Book the class using the Voucher Code on your Gift Voucher.
4.  If you would like to transfer the Gift Voucher to a different Class or Workshop option contact Liz Rundorff Smith, Art School Director at (864) 735-3948 (ext. 2)
5.  Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Sample Gift Voucher:

Art School Gift Card Sample.jpeg